Acne Series

Acne became a part of my life sometime around the fifth grade. I spent a lot of time during my adolescent years letting it damage  my self confidence. I dreamed of the day I would grow up and grow out of it. When adulthood came, the acne persisted, and remains with me still. However, as time passed and my confidence grew (with plenty of conscious effort), layers of makeup slowly came off, and the shame I felt went with them. I started to question why I and others felt so uncomfortable talking about acne. I began to wonder why myself and society thought it was so abhorrent, and had to be eliminated at all costs.

This series is meant to explore an alternate perspective on adult acne and acne scarring. In these images, acne is not portrayed as a blemish, but as part of each individual’s natural beauty. Using styles found in classical portraiture and beauty photography, I send a clear message to the viewer about my personal opinion that each sitter is beautiful. However, by focusing on the individual’s character, and asking them to make eye contact with their audience, each person was given an opportunity to convey their own feelings. These portraits represent each individual’s beliefs on beauty and living with acne and scarring.

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